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  1. Monogramming 

    Q. What font is the monogram in? How big will it be? Is it the same monogramming style as Saddleback?
    A. The monogram will be in Minion Variable Concept font and the size will vary per design. Font on smaller products will be 24 for first and middle name and 36 for last initial.  Font on medium size products will be 29 for first and middle initial and 40 for last initial. Font on large products will be 35 for first and middle initial and 50 for last initial. We are not offering the ability to select your font or size at this time. Love 41's monogramming style is slightly different than Saddleback's. It will be more feminine. Check out Suzette's Video of the monogramming.     

    Q. How are the monograms being done? Is this a laser!?
    A. We use a high beam laser machine. The engraving process burns the outer surface of the leather leaving a nice contrast then develops a nice tone-on-tone look with patina over time. The depth of engraving will not affect the integrity of the leather and will only remove a depth of 0.015 - 0.030”. 
    Q. What designs are available for monogramming?
    A. Right now we are offering monogramming on most of our backpacks, totes and a few other items. Click here to view a full list of designs.

    Q. Does the same return/exchange policy apply for designs that are monogrammed?
    A. No - this is a final sale, as customized pieces are not eligible for returns or exchanges, so we want to you to be sure everything is correct before you complete your order.

    Q. Will monogramming add order processing time?
    A. Monogramming will add 1-3 business days to your order's shipping/delivery time, so please consider this, especially if need your order in a hurry!

    Q. Can I ship my current bag back to you for monogramming?
    A. At this time, we will only offer monogramming for new purchases.

    Q. Can I select the spot for my monogram to appear?
    A. We are only offering monogramming in standard locations for the moment. Trust us, we want to make this look good for you.

    Q. Can you do more than 3 letters/numbers/special characters?
    A. We might get a little more fancy with it in the future, but for right now, we are only offering up to 3 characters; however, your monogram can be any combination of Uppercase letters, numbers or special characters that you can type in the field.
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