I never imagined any of our films in a film festival but we have one heck of a guy who knows what he's doing. Joe Callander is our man and he's been making films since he was 13 years old. Joe's traveled around the world with my family and has created some really great stories through our work in Africa and beyond.

These films are made to give you an inside look into the heart of Love 41 and bring you the real life stories behind the scenes of what we do and why we do it.

Tina Deliver's a Goat - Awards: True False Film Festival, Rooftop Film Festival, BAM Film Festival

Shortly before leaving for a trip to Rwanda in the summer of 2012, my sister Tina was given money from some friends at her church. The family specifically asked that it be used to buy a goat for a poor family. From her previous experiences in Africa, Tina had never seen the purchase of a goat, but she was determined to make it happen. With some persistence, Tina was able to find someone who was willing to arrange the purchase.

It was determined that the best place to make the purchase and delivery was in a small rural village called Bugesera. The family that was chosen to receive the goat was extremely poor and had been without food for quite some time. The night before Tina delivered the goat, the father of the family knew they couldn't last much longer without food, so he prayed that if they were to die that they would go quietly in their sleep.

Needless to say, the family was rather surprised when they awoke the next morning to Tina at their front door holding the reins to a shiny new goat and a month's supply of food. This is an amazing story of joy that changed the life of a family in dire need.

Suitcases Full of Toothbrushes

After hearing about a remote village full of families with great needs and no available dental care, I decided to take a suitcase full of donated toothbrushes. It ended up being a day full of smiles and laughs for all of us.

Kwasa's Short film

This short film documents the beginning of my relationship with our son Kwasa. The 73 minute full-length documentary that followed was selected into numerous American and Canadian Film Festivals around North America.

CBS Los Angeles Features our Lana Weekender Bag and Our Sarape Bag

Our Lana Weekender bag and Sarape bag were featured on CBS for the best Valentine's Day Gifts!

Sela's First Bag

One day my 6-year-old daughter, Sela, walked up to me and said, "I wanna make a bag." When I asked her why, she replied "because I want to sell it to get money to help a poor family in Africa." This short film documents that amazing journey of Sela designing and creating her first bag. After the bag was made, we were able to sell it through an auction where the highest bidder offered $2750.00. Sela used this money to buy a house for one of her brothers in Rwanda whose family didn't have a home of their own and struggled daily to make ends meet.

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