Leathermilk 2 oz Stocking Stuffer Set

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The Chamberlain's Leathermilk gift set is a perfect addition to any leather bag gift this Christmas. Each set contains a 2 oz. bottle of Leather Care Linament and Straight Cleaner and an application pad. Chamberlain's are the only leather care products we recommend to keep your Saddleback Leather looking its best for all 100 years of its service.

Brewed just in time for the season, these classic, two-ounce Leather Care Liniment and Straight Cleaner are designed for leather and loved ones alike, a milky treat for your leather that, like Christmas memories themselves, makes a lasting impression with just a little detail.

Set includes a 2 OZ of both Leathermilk Liniment #1 and Straight Cleaner #2 plus a an application pad in a brown mesh bag.

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