Old Bull Large Leather Mouse Pad

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Our Large Leather Mouse Pad is made from one piece of really thick leather, and nothing else. No rivets, stitching, or anything that might take away from the simple beauty of the leather. And because it’s vegetable-tanned, it will develop more character every time you use it. And the edges were nicely shaped. 

This is probably the toughest leather mouse pad you can buy. Built to withstand decades of even the most ferocious web surfing, our vegetable-tanned desk mat is really, really thick. This leather mouse pad is great on its own and even better as part of our Desk Pad Set. All of the edges have been worked over to perfection.

Larger than our Normal Mouse Pad, this is the ideal setup for gamers, designers, and anyone else who could benefit from some additional acreage to let that mouse run. It can also be used as a monitor pad if you need to protect your desk, or just need an excuse to cover more of it with really thick, beautiful leather. 

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