Boot Leather iPhone Case

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We've listened to the feedback and recently made the necessary tweaks to this solid leather iPhone case. For example, the leather over the buttons was too tight, so we fixed that. The charging cable was a tight fit, we made that tweak. You're going to love it even more now. Watch our How It's Made video on this case. 8,100,000+ views in 4 months. You will appreciate it even more once you see the craftsmanship that goes into it. As far as we have seen, it is the only solid leather iPhone case on the market. The Apple Leather case has only about 20% leather and 80% plastic and other ingredients.

Families who have woven intricate fabrics or blown beautiful glass or shaped solid leather or formed clay for centuries, are now seeing little demand for their art because of the mass production factories who can spit out thousands of pieces a day, perfectly and for a tenth of the price. The artists can no longer create their art and survive. The demand has gone away and so they don’t teach their children the skill and now those arts are dying. It's a serious problem. There is something about the handmade with the signs that an imperfect human created it, that is beautiful. That brings joy to the beholder. We’re doing our best to keep alive what we can. Maybe even create a demand for the handmade. The imperfect. The created. This leather iPhone case is an example. Will you join us.

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