Hard Leather iPad Pro Case 12.9

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This is only for the latest iPad Pro 12.9 and will not fit any previous models.

Our new Hard Leather iPad Pro Case 12.9 will protect your iPad and look good doing it. Only fits 2nd Generation iPad Pros (the ones released in 2018 that don't have the home button).

This is ONLY for the 2019 iPad Pro 12.9 Inch. It does not fit older models of the 12.9" iPad Pro. And there is a spot for the Pencil connects securely in place.


The thickness of the corner pieces and amount of leather I put between the edges of the leather iPad Pro Case and the ground it would hit, is plenty, but not too much to make it bulky. And that it is made of shock absorbing leather instead of not-shock absorbing rigid plastic, is key. The insulative suede side of the durable pigskin lining makes a soft bed for your iPad Pro to rest against.

Over Engineering:

The stacked leather corners are thick enough to protect against dings and drops, but not too thick that the case feels bulky. Leather is also a great shock absorber, as opposed to a cheap plastic case. And the suede side of the durable pigskin lining makes a soft bed for your iPad Pro to rest against.


In addition to keeping the Pencil secure during transit, the straps also allow for multiple viewing options. It took awhile for me to get the strap length exactly right. Too long and they look goofy, too short and they’re not that functional. It’s a small detail that makes a big difference. You can tuck the straps back under the case and set it like an A-frame for landscape viewing, or stand it on its end for portrait orientation.

The biggest design challenge in making a fully leather iPad Pro 12.9 case was accommodating “the corner from hell” (aka, the top right corner of the iPad Pro that houses the sleep button, volume buttons and camera). This would be easy with ugly mass-produced rigid plastic cases, but the characteristics of leather, make for a true design challenge. There’s so much going on in that corner, that it turned into a battleground of protection vs. accessibility. These iPads aren’t exactly cheap, so I decided to err on the side of protection. The result is a super secure case with the volume buttons recessed behind the top right leather retaining corner. There’s a cutout, so most people will be able to access them with no issue, but if you have giant sausage fingers like me, you might just as easily use the Pencil to adjust the volume, or just pop that corner in and out of the case. Or, grow yourself a ¾” coke volume nail and use that.

This was only a design challenge on the iPad Pro 12.9; I was able to design a secure leather case with smaller retaining corners on the iPad Pro 11”.


The case is built from one solid piece of full-grain leather, which is the strongest and water resistant cow leather there is (it’s like full grain boot leather, but thicker). And pound for pound, the pigskin lining is even stronger than the cow leather. The thread is unbelievably tough industrial marine grade UV resistant polyester thread. Everything is stitched and glued together, and even the glue we use is ridiculously strong. Maybe it’s overkill for an iPad case, but I’m into that sort of thing.


Look at your iPad Pro 12.9. The case is slightly larger than that.

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