Simple Leather Coin Purse

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For earbuds, coins, pills, as a gift box for engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, earpods, or whatever else you don't want lost in your bag. Made from just a single piece of leather. It’ll be one of those cool little things they pull out of your trunk and fight over when you’re dead.
Simple Leather Coin Purse
  • 100-Year Warranty, details here.
  • Free Shipping, details here.
  • We use only the best: full-grain leather (as much of the cow as you can get, short of the moo), strong pigskin lining, and premium, marine-grade thread (the kind used on shipping sails).
  • Suitable for coins, cash, pogs, and cursed doubloons
  • Butterfly leather and nipple rivet closure keeps change from spilling out
  • Riveted for strength
  • Generous size to store your extra change or dentures
  • Secure enough to keep out would-be Robin Hoods
  • Dimensions (approximate size):

    1" H x 2.75" W x 3.5" L
    0.2 pounds
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