Hard Leather iPad Pro Case 9.7"

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A simple and tough leather case providing increased drop protection for your 9.7” iPad. Made with one piece of thick full-grain leather and lined with soft suede pigskin. The two-strap cover lies flat or can be folded back to make a stand for portrait or landscape viewing of your iPad. This case is for late 2018, early 2019 generation iPads.


The stacked leather corners are thick enough to protect against drops, but not too thick that the case feels bulky. Leather is also a great shock absorber, as opposed to a cheap plastic case. And the suede side of the durable pigskin lining makes a soft bed for your iPad Pro to rest against.


The two-strap design allows for multiple viewing options. It took a while for me to get the strap length exactly right. Too long and they look goofy, too short and they’re not that functional. It’s a small detail that makes a big difference. You can tuck the straps back under the case and set it like an A-frame for landscape viewing, or stand it on its end for portrait orientation. I designed a notch into the back of the case for easy access to the volume controls.


The case is built from one solid piece of full-grain leather, which is the strongest cow leather there is (it’s like full-grain boot leather, but thicker). And pound for pound, the pigskin lining is even stronger than the cow leather. The thread is unbelievably tough industrial marine grade UV resistant polyester thread. Everything is stitched and glued together, and even the glue we use is oddly strong. Maybe it’s overkill for an iPad case, but that’s what we’re into here at Saddleback.

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This case is for late 2018, early 2019 generation iPads.

H= 10"
W (Closed) = 7 
W (Open) = 
D = 1"
W = .90lb

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