Universal Leather Backpack

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This comfortable quality leather backpack is designed to live for decades and age beautifully. The more you use it, the better it will hang on your body and the more compliments you will get.

This Universal Leather Backpack was not designed based on what is trending right now in the fashion world in the Spring or Fall of this particular year. It is designed with timeless universal thinking and built to be passed down at least two generations. You may not even have a daughter right now, but your granddaughter will be wearing it one day. The quality lies in the full grain leather and the thread because those two things are what determine the longevity and quality of a leather backpack. It is the highest grade leather there is. And therefore the toughest and most water resistant. The thread is the highest grade German thread we could find. This may not mean much to most people, but it does to us. The Polyester thread is more expensive but does not fall apart with exposure to the sun, like Nylon does. This leather backpack is a keeper.

  • If you would like monogramming, please review our monogram page
  • Fits all 13" Laptops
  • Adjustable straps
  • Detachable straps to convert easily from pack to daily bag
  • 41 Year warranty
  • Exterior: 14.9” W at top, 10.2" W at bottom x 13" H x 6.8" D
  • Weight- 3.45 pounds

I love things that are functional and beautiful too and that's why I love this new Love 41 Universal Leather Backpack! We have some amazing backpacks here at Love 41, but what makes this one different from the rest is that it's both a bag and a backpack. The style and look sets it apart and its functionality makes it incredibly practical for everyday use. I love the way it feels when I'm wearing it- super comfortable. This bag is also great for organization, which makes finding all my stuff inside really easy. The perfect combination of bag and backpack-what more could you ask for!

As always, the purchase of this leather backpack helps love others in need through education, food, shelter & job training. We do these things because they're the right things to do, not SO THAT you will buy a leather backpack. But we just wanted you to know. 

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